Modern C++ goodness


Library name Description Package name(s) GitLab API
ftz General A set of general purpose components for use in other libraries. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Platform Cross platform abstractions for platform specific features. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Serialization Binary input and output. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Console Command line interpreter. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Unicode UTF conversion and code point iteration. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Networking High level abstractions for networking. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Music High level abstractions for music software. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz MIDI Manipulation of MIDI data. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Audio Digital audio processing. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz Chiptune A collection of basic waveform synths. TBA [GitLab] [API]
ftz NSF Nintendo Sound Format playback. TBA [GitLab] [API]
ftz NSF Player Program to play NSF files. TBA [GitLab] --
ftz Engine 2D game engine. ftz-engine-all libftzengine ftz-engine-client ftz-engine-server ftz-engine-drivers [GitLab] [API]
Default Game Example game used to test the features of the engine. ftz-engine-default-game [GitLab] [API]
ftz MINT Traffic encryption protocol. ftz-mint-key-manager [GitLab] [API]
ftz LGI Network protocol for games. -- [GitLab] [API]
ftz QuakeC Virtual Machine New life for old QuakeC code. -- [GitLab] [API]